My pictures came out beautiful and I could not have been happier. My favorite part of my session was when I could not do one of the poses and my mother actually got on the floor and showed me how easy it was. We laughed so hard and could not stop. I think Brandace’s work explains exactly why she should be chosen to take [your] pictures. This is a very important part of [your] senior year and I feel Brandace makes it so special and memorable. This experience has been amazing! I’m glad I was able to share this part of my senior year with Brandace because she made it so fun and my pictures are absolutely beautiful.



My biggest fear leading up to my senior session was not being confident with myself during the pictures. But that didn’t come through during my session I felt really confident and Captivated Photography helps you feel confident in front of the camera and helps you be who you are! My favorite part would be taking the pictures in all of the locations I picked and seeing them for the first time at my reveal party. Captivated Photography uses your sense of style and helps you truly show who you are and makes you feel confident in your own skin.



My biggest fear before my session was being nervous and not being ready. I ended up not being nervous, but excited. It just all felt natural just being in front of the camera. My favorite part of my session was getting to dress up and be myself and have my personality transfer into my pictures. If you use Captivated Photography for your senior pictures you will have the time of your life and not be disappointed with the outcome. Just be yourself in your senior pictures and everything else will fall into place.



My biggest fear was not feeling confident in myself and ffeling uncomfortable while doing the shoot, this did not happen instaed i ended up gaining confidence and having a lot of fun with it. My favorite part of the session was gwtting to see the work and the creative process behind photo shoots. I thought the whole process was really fun. Captivated seniors is an amazing program run by a really nice woman who you can tell really loves what she’s doing and does beautiful photography.